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This Moroccan Pool Has Instagrammers Swarming

While the weather keeps heating up, we can’t help but daydream about lounging poolside somewhere exotic. Enter the pool at Riad Yasmine located in Marrakech, Morocco.

This hotel is run by Parisian couple Gabriel Paris and Alice Tassery who acquired it in 2015. It only has 7 rooms and honestly, the pool is rather small. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in overhead photo ops. At the bottom of the pool are Berber tiles featuring the Amazigh symbol that represents a “free man.”

The first major Instagrammer to capture the pool was Spanish stylist @galabarcelona who visited the Riad back in February of 2016.

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Since the original post took off, Gabriel and Alice have campaigned to get other influencers to visit the property as guests in exchange for posting about their experience. Now after taking the wanderlust community by storm, the Riad needs no extra help in keeping their rooms filled months in advance.

According to the property’s website, they boast a large rooftop terrace with incredible views, but that isn’t enough to sway photographers from the water as evident from the slew of images tagging the Riad on Instagram. Check out some of our favorites and join in the collective daydream about booking your plane ticket for this weekend.

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How our summer looks like 🐠 photo by lovely @staceyhannant #riadyasmine #marrakech #morocco #travel #leriadyasmine

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