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Mother of U.K.’s Youngest Influencer Is Causing Controversy

Stacey Woodhams, the mother of one-year-old influencer Ralphie, is facing major backlash for “exploiting” her child for financial gain.

Momager Stacey Woodhams has received harsh criticism for turning her one-year-old son into an influencer.  Ralphie, with the help of his mother, has amassed over 15,000 followers on his Instagram page but not all of them seem to be fans.  The adorable tot pulls in hundreds of dollars per post and tons of freebies while his mother has been met with insults aimed at her perceived lack of maternal instincts.  The 28-year-old Brentwood, Essex resident finally decided to speak out.

“What I do doesn’t define me as a mum and people should think carefully before commenting as suicide happens because of online trolls, and they’re factoring into that pool of online abuse and it’s just nasty and could be detrimental if the receiving person wasn’t in the right frame of mind,” Stacey told the Telegraph.

Stacey goes on to proclaim that celebrities share photos of their children in sponsored posts yet they are not judged as harshly as she has been.

“I think it’s wrong that Kim Kardashian gets pardoned and can share intimate family videos and people support her and buy into her brand yet I share a gorgeous picture of Ralphie and I get called a terrible mother just because I have no status.”

While it may be true that Stacey isn’t doing anything other than what the parent of a child actor would, the online mom community begs to differ.  They’ve shamed and trolled her in the comment section of Ralphie’s Instagram posts.  Despite the backlash,  the mother and son duo have been extremely successful due to Stacey’s business acumen.  She has strict rules when it comes to her son’s image, especially regarding what photos of Ralphie family members are allowed to post on any of their social media accounts in fear that it may negatively affect his brand.

“If a photo of him in a tracksuit with snot running down his face and his hair is messy gets put on social media, that is not representative of the brands we are representing.  It sounds awful referring to him as a brand because he is a human and a child but essentially, the name that we have created is a business.  So our family isn’t allowed to post photos unless it’s a photo we’ve already posted or a photo I’ve approved.”

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