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Mr. Beast Helps PewDiePie Keep His #1 Spot On YouTube After Buying Billboard Ads

Mr. Beast Helps PewDiePie Keep His #1 Spot On YouTube After Buying Billboard Ads.

The incredible rate at which Bollywood record label T-Series’ YouTube channel gains followers threatened PewDiePie so much that he uploaded a vlog to inform his fans of impending doom.  It was predicted that T-Series would dethrone the YouTuber as the most subscribed to channel on the platform.  But Mr. Beast prolonged the takeover when he bought a slew of billboards to urge viewers to follow PewDiePie’s channel.

The billboards read “Calling all bros!  You can save YouTube. Subscribe to PewDiePie. Unsubscribe from T-Series.”  Mr. Beast’s campaigning didn’t stop there.  He did local radio interviews, spoke with residents, put up flyers, and bought ads on websites, tv, and radio to urge people to subscribe.

It doesn’t seem as though the guys had a close relationship prior to this show of solidarity but Mr. Beast is known for being a generous YouTuber.  He tipped a Sup Dogs waitress $10,000 after only ordering a glass of water.  He also gave students and faculty the chance to win $100,000 by playing beer pong and another red cup challenge.

Currently, PewDiePie has 68,222,598 subscribers while T-Series has 67,725,405.  Regardless of whether or not the record label is able to gain more followers than him, he’ll be the most subscribed to individual creator on the channel. Press play below to hear PewDiePie’s response.

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    you r awesome dad I will be MrBeast8000 cuz ur first son is MrBeast7000

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