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Mr. Beast Is Coming To PewDiePie’s Rescue Once Again

Fellow YouTuber Mr. Beast has a few tricks up his sleeve to save PewDiePie.

PewDiePie and T-Series’ YouTuber subscriber count differ by a mere 113,290 followers but that’s about to change.  Mr. Beast’s reply to a PewDiePie stan on Twitter gave the fandom and its leader all the hope they need.

Mr. Beast orchestrated a string of marketing campaigns that gained PewDiePie tons of new subscribers.

Shortly after, PewDiePie historically hit the 70 million subscriber count on YouTube but that still didn’t get him far enough to win the battle for highest followed YouTube channel because T-Series’ numbers continue to creep up.

But it looks like Mr. Beast is going to work his magic again.  Although he hasn’t revealed the specifics, a vlog with all the details will be released today.  The video hasn’t appeared on his channel but the day isn’t over yet.  Hopefully, Mr. Beast works faster than T-Series gains followers or PewDiePie will be S.O.L.!

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