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Mr. Beast’s $100,000 Circle Challenge Ends In A Four-Way Tie

YouTuber’s most generous vlogger, Mr. Beast, challenged 12 YouTuber’s to remain within a circle until they were the last one standing but it ended with a truce.

Mr. Beast put a spin on the circle challenge which requires participants to stand within the confines of the shape until only one person remains.

“12 YouTubers.  One circle.  No sitting and every hour we add one pound to the weight vest.  The winner gets $100,000 and a shoutout at the end.”

The YouTubers who accepted the challenge were Leon Lush, Danny Duncan, Casper Lee, Alex Ernst, Mini Ladd, Joogsquad, Faze Rug, Faze Rain, Faze Adapt, Callux, WillNE, Ricegum, and Tfue.  Mr. Beast live-tweeted while documenting the competition for the vlog.  Within hours, contestants started to drop like flies.

The last remaining four were carrying 48 lbs and hadn’t sat down in over 31 hours.

At the 31 hour mark, the remaining four, which included Caspar, Leon, Alex, and Danny, couldn’t last any longer so they worked out a deal that would leave each of them with $25,000.

Check out the full challenge video above!



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