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MTV Ditches Best Male And Female Performances For One Gender Neutral Category

The MTV movie awards are going to look a little bit different this year.


Gender equality is a hot topic issue right now in the entertainment world. Countless examples of the wage gap, sexual harassment and unfair treatment between the genders have been coming to light more and more. It’s not that this is a new thing, more so that people are no longer staying silent about the issues at hand.

It’s been fascinating to watch how the world and varying companies are reacting to accusations and complaints amongst the masses. Some are staying silent, while others are making sure to take steps towards gender equality.

MTV has decided to take a stand in leading a more gender neutral example by disregarding their best female and male performance categories for this years movie awards. Instead of the two awards being voted on separately, there will now only be one ‘genderless’ category for best actor.

The initial response to this decision has been overwhelmingly positive. People are thrilled to see such a large network actually make the choice to change something, verses just talking about it.

It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out, because it won’t be for at least a few years of this category being voted on until we will be able to notice if one gender seems favored to win more than the other.

Of course the elimination of the two categories does also bring up the question of whether or not this will ultimately cause more controversy.

By keeping the male and female performance categories separate, it allowed for more actors to be nominated. Will shrinking it down ultimately create more of a detriment for one side?

We think that the idea behind having a genderless award for best performance is great, because it truly should be about the performance, and not if the actor is a man or a woman. Still, we’re curious to see how the public reacts based off of who wins.

Knowing the internet like we do, we expect there to be unrest no matter what.


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