MTV Utilizes To Bring Back My Super Sweet 16

There were some really great things that happened in 2005: Warped Tour, Rihanna, and of course, My Super Sweet 16.


Yes, our trashy, MTV loving hearts just couldn’t get enough of the show that gave us rich children who cried at the fact that their parents got them the black BMW instead of the hot pink one. We know it’s wrong, but we came back for the train wreck that was that show every single damn time.

In a brilliant 2017 plot twist, MTV and the app have teamed up to revive the show by allowing app users (aka ‘musers‘) to audition with a video submission and the hashtag #MySuperSweetAudition.

The audition process will consist of multiple rounds, and producers will watch the original hashtag submission videos, that are supposed to talk about users’ upcoming birthday parties, before they decide which ones will go forward to the next stage.

MTV has been very active in their involvement with and this new revival takes that to a new level by being their first show that they’ve ever cast through an app.

“Together we’re innovating the casting process and giving creators and consumers a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at how talent is discovered.”

This Super Sweet 16 revival comes on the heels of MTV and’s most recent collaboration, which was the ‘Song Of The Summer‘ contest. The contest allowed ‘musers‘ to vote on 1 out of 10 nominated songs through creating a lip-synch video on the app.

The connection between the two looks like it will do nothing but grow, not only because of this incredible throwback, but because of a future project that they are slated to launch sometime next quarter.

We are amped to see what the revival of one of our most guilty pleasures looks like, and can only hope there are just as many wtf moments in the remake as there were in the original.