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Nash Grier Releases ‘The Thirst Project’ Documentary On YouTube

Nash Grier Releases ‘The Thirst Project’ Documentary On YouTube

Nash Grier had one request for his birthday in December of last year, that people would donate to The Thirst Project.  In a video he uploaded to social media, Nash spoke about the severity of the water crisis.  In his documentary, he reiterates the seriousness of this issue.

“Today there are more than 663 million people on our planet without access to clean and safe drinking water.  88% of all disease in the world is caused by lack of access to safe and clean water.”

Nash goes on to list the most common diseases caused by drinking contaminated water which include river blindness, cholera, and Hepatitis A.  He also shares that roughly 4,000 children die a day to the lack of clean drinking water.  Nash and The Thirst Project aim to “build a socially-conscious generation of young people who END the global water crisis.”  

Although it won’t happen overnight they have already seen great progress.  The documentary details Nash’s journey to provide the entire country of Swaziland with clean drinking water.

Press play on the video above to view the amazing documentary!

To read more about The Thirst Project, donate, or volunteer you can visit them here.


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