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Natalie Friedman Is Taking Over Social Media

Natalie Friedman and her celebrity impersonations are taking over social media!

@Nataliefriedman (422k followers) is actually a voice-over actor who can change her voice to mimic well…anyone she wants! Rapper Cardi B recently reposted her to her 28.8 million followers on Instagram as she impersonated her and husband Offset to perfection! With tape on her finger nails and just the right pitch in her voice Natalie transforms into Cardi B. from the Bronx.

Natalie also makes a hilarious impersonation of Melania Trump with squinting eyes and a seductive tone that Trump cannot resist. She stopped by the Elvis Duran radio show where she explains how she went from voice overs to full on impersonations on social media. Friedman will even take you back to your childhood days as she does Tommy’s voice from the Nickelodeon show ‘Rugrats’ and even Marge and Bart from ‘The Simpsons.’

Keep a close eye on this gal as she’s taking over the comedic scene. Check out her impression of social media stars Woah Vicky and even the youngest flexer in the game Lil Tay.

LIL TAY FLEXING IN NYC. (Tag a friend) #impression #natpressions

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