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Neels Visser Answers All The Questions With Alissa Violet!

Neels Visser uploaded a new video last week that we just couldn’t stop watching. While Alissa‘s fans have been waiting for some new vlog content, she did manage to appear with the model in a truly funny Q & A session that addresses all of our concerns! We’ll finally get answers to these hard-hitting questions like:

How do you feel about being featured in Logan Paul’s second verse?

What do you guys miss about Team 10?

How do you feel about Tessa Brooks?

Yeah, fans weren’t messing around. But we learned quite a lot about the dynamic duo as well, like did you know Neels Vissser wanted to be an architect? Alissa is a huge Lord of the Rings trilogy fan. Plus, she’s quite the Hannah Montana fan, and Neels cannot live without sushi. Expect mentions of Tokyo, miniature food, and advice on modeling. There’s so much fun in this video, and if you’re not sure about taking our word for it, just watch the video below!