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See This New Smartphone App Made Just For Spies!

A new app has hit the smartphone market and it’s meant to make the job of a spy easier. The app, called Tearline, was developed by Chris Rasmussen, an analyst at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. It features a wiki-style collaborative design that allows US intelligence officers to read and write on a number of unclassified intelligence reports.

Users of Tearline can add text, graphs, photographs, videos and comments to the intelligence reports but don’t get your hopes up, you’ll need government credentials to access the app.

A look at the features

New app for spies


Tearline gets it’s name from the “tear line” on a sensitive documents in the intelligence community, a line where everything below is cleared for release and about 20% of content above remains classified.

“I was briefing this very, very senior official at the Pentagon, and he was like, I wake up at 5am, and I get the presidential daily brief at 9am. If you can give me 80 percent of the story unclassified before I even walk into the secure facility, that would be awesome,” Rasmussen said. “So that’s the goal.”

Wired said of the app, “Tearline will only succeed if the officials who download it contribute to new reports themselves, and update these old ones.”


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