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New Moby Mart Shows Us We’re Living In The Future

Late night munchies are about to become a lot easier to get your hands on.


Currently undergoing trial in Shanghai, the Moby Mart is an autonomous grocery store that is designed to bring shopping right to your front door. The best part? You’re not forced to communicate with any real life person in the process.

The perfect invention for anyone who is too under the influence, or just too lazy to attempt social interaction, the Moby Mart is ultimately designed to one day be able to be ordered to your exact location.

While under trial, it’s still a stationary prototype that is currently based in a carpark, but we’re looking to the future.

The fact remains that if it comes to fruition in the way it’s theorized to, the Moby Mart will completely revolutionize the way we order food. We’re already ordering meals through apps like Postmates, and GrubHub, that a mobile app based grocery store isn’t that much of a stretch.

As if the whole mobile store thing isn’t futuristic enough, then the fact that a hologram is set to operate as your cashier might just seal the deal.

If Moby Mart comes out of trial and becomes a new staple in the way we avoid leaving our homes, then the store will be accessible through a downloadable app, which will allow you to unlock the actual Moby Mart doors through your phone.

Just like Uber or Lyft, the cost of your purchases will be charged to the credit card that is linked to your account.

What do you guys think? Have we gone too far, or is the Moby Mart exactly what we’ve been waiting for?


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