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Zoe And Joe Sugg Release New Pink Sugg Life Hoodie

Zoe (or as she’s better known, Zoella) and Joe Sugg recently dropped new merchandise for their Sugg Life label and people flocked to get their orders in before it was too late.


Zoella took to Twitter to express her shock and gratitude after seeing how quickly the pink sweatshirts were selling out.

Fans who didn’t get a chance to get their orders in began to worry though that the hoodie was a limited edition item, but luckily their fears were squashed after Sugg clarified that they will be restocked and that only the pop sockets are limited edition.

The sibling duo has so far seen success with their venture into clothing, and we think that this latest release has proven that fact.

We’re curious to see if they will further expand their merchandise to include even more varying colors, but for now, it’s clear that the pink hoodie is definitely a hit.