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Niki DeMartino Is About To Take On The Apocalypse

Just when we found ourselves wondering how we were going to survive with no new episodes of Niki and Gabi Spring Break, our prayers have been semi answered by Niki’s new announcement.


DeMartino took to Twitter today to let her fans know that she has been cast in the second season of the Hulu original series, Freakish.

It was quite a morning of announcements for her though, seeing as she also took to Twitter to reveal that she has collaborated with Wildflower Cases to release her own, ‘Cherry Bomb’ phone case.

The collaboration is a limited edition offer, so we suggest you go and snag a case before they sell out.

As for Freakish, DeMartino will be playing the character of Sadie, who is described as being the character that is ‘over the apocalypse’, which we can relate to on a deeply apathetic level.

We’re still holding out hope for a Spring Break season two, but in the meantime, we’re most likely going to be tuning in to Freakish to catch Niki in all of her angsty, music obsessed glory.