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Niki And Gabi Just Uploaded The Best Parody Video They’ve Ever Done

We really thought that we, as a community, had moved past the shock, and in many cases cringe, from the new Taylor Swift music video, but it looks like we haven’t.

One of the latest parodies regarding the metaphorical death of old T Swift has come from none other than Niki and Gabi DeMartino, and it’s actually hilarious.

Influencers all across YouTube have been uploading reaction videos and parodies for Look What You Made Me Do, but we’ve gotta say that we think this newest Niki and Gabi installment might be our favorite one yet. Why? Well because they’re the only ones who actually utilized Kim and Kanye.

Yup, the sisters saw an opportunity to put Kim and Kanye’s imagined reactions into the lyrics and video, which is what ultimately puts this particular parody above the rest.

Gabi slays as an apathetic Kim Kardashian West who peddles her contour sticks the whole time, and the added Kanye lines of ‘look what I made you do‘ really helped put into perspective just how much he probably doesn’t care about Taylor’s rage against him.

All in all, we call this a success for the YouTubers, but please, let’s put this video to rest now.

Check out Niki and Gabi’s full Look What You Made Me Do parody down below!