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Nina’s Makeup Has The Greatest Friends In the World

Nina’s Makeup has the greatest friends in the world, and this was just further proved to us by the fact that they surprised her at her house with a room full of balloons for Valentine’s Day.

If you hadn’t already heard, Nina’s dad unfortunately just passed away, so she has, understandably, been spending time with her family. But upon her return to Los Angeles, she was met by all her friends who had decked out her place with flowers and balloons for Valentine’s Day, as well as a welcome back.


We’re so sorry for Nina’s loss of her father and can’t imagine what she’s going through right now, but we’re so happy that she has such incredible friends around her who are there to cheer her up!

Liane V, DeStorm, Janina and Tamra Dae were just a handful of the people who stepped out to welcome Nina home. You can catch even more of the fun they had on their Instagram stories right now, and we expect to see more and more pictures pop up throughout the day, but until then, enjoy what we have for you right here.


  1. Cathy Kefallinos says:

    Deeply sorry for your loss. I personally don’t know you but have followed you on instagram. I will continue to pray for strength for you and your family during these times of needs. <3

  2. Phil Ruzzuti says:

    Cousin, we are blood growing up as a close family as youngsters. Even though space and time have often tried to battle our relationship… Blood crushes that. I’m proud of you and your dedication to your art. U need something holler at, even if that means I have to go all the way to LA! love trumps all

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