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Ninja Announced As Speaker For Celeb ‘TwitchTalks’ Series

King of Twitch Ninja will be hitting the stage for ‘TwitchTalks’ series to speak about the future of the gaming platform.

Twitch streamer Ninja is arguably the most popular and widely recognized gamer at the moment.  Fans have even dubbed him the King of Twitch so it makes sense that he’ll be headlining one of the ‘TwitchTalks’ events this year.  The ‘TwitchTalks’ series will take place throughout the entire weekend featuring speeches and Q&A’s from Twitch co-founder and CEO Emmett ShearYouTuber Felicia Day, skateboarder Tony Hawk, filmmaker Kevin Smith, and of course Ninja.

Twitch bills the event as a series of talks that will help creators with “defining yourself as a creator, sticking to your brand, the importance of self-care as you grow, and the role Twitch can play in building a healthy community online.” 

The 27-year-old gamer will speak about the history of the streaming platform as well as what they envision for its future.  Esports is a serious business that has come a long way because of groundbreaking content creators like Ninja.  He was the first gamer to snag an ESPN cover, play Fortnite on daytime television with Ellen DeGeneres, and be featured in a Samsung commercial.  People have started to consider gamers as athletes so Ninja’s TwitchTalk is sure to be interesting.

For more information on TwitchCon head to the official website here!



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