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Ninja Does A Spot-On Impression Of PewDiePie During Twitch Live Stream

It’s safe to say that Ninja is a fan of PewDiePie’s ‘Pew News’ segment because the gamer did a killer impression of him on camera.

On PewDiePie’s ‘Pew News’ YouTube series, Ninja’s name often comes up and it looks like he’s seen every episode that has referenced his name.  The segment features PewDiePie reporting on everyone and everything that’s happening in the digital community whether it’s gaming, YouTuber’s, or any other Influencer.  He modeled his on-air character after real-life CNN journalist Gloria Borger and often uses the catchphrase “I know I’m not meant to give my opinion, but” before giving his opinion on controversial topics.

Ninja decided to show off his acting chops while on Twitch live stream while doing an impression of the ‘Pew News’ segment.

“Hello, I am Gloria Borger and I know I’m not supposed to give my own opinion but ‘ARGH’!” Ninja screams to the camera.

Everyone seems to be a fan of Ninja’s impression but PewDiePie will definitely give his opinion about it on his next Pew News segment.  I’m sure he will be a fan seeing as how Ninja has over 13 million Twitch followers who will race over to PewDiePie’s channel to subscribe and view the rest of his collection.  Since his fight against T-Series isn’t over, this spike in subs could definitely help keep him in the lead as the most subscribed to channel on the platform.

Press play to hear Ninja’s amazing impression of PewDiePie aka Gloria Berger above an hit us up on social media @trendallday to let us know your thoughts!


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