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Ninja Snagged New Role As Sports Commentator For Twitch’s NFL Live Stream

On top of Content Creator of The Year, King of Twitch, and ESPN cover boy, Ninja can add NFL Sports Commentator to his resume.

Ninja alongside fellow streamers Jericho, TimTheTatman and GoldGlove, guided Twitch viewers through Thursday’s Los Angeles Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs game.  This is all thanks to Twitch’s co-streaming feature which allows users to add commentary to any content they are live streaming.  Twitch partnered with the NFL and tapped the aforementioned vloggers to entertain and keep football fans on track during the game.

Ninja has publicly declared his appreciation for the sport and this gig just further solidifies his legitimacy as a real athlete.  Back in September, his controversial ESPN cover made headlines because he was the first Esports player to be featured.  Ninja has continued to make waves in the industry after beating out several creators for the title of “Content Creator of The Year” at the Game Awards and it seems like the sports industry has taken notice.

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