Did You Notice Blake the Virgin on ‘Bachelorette?’

Molly Hawkey is no stranger to Bachelor Nation. Last year she cut herself into The Bachelor as a contestant and she’s back at it with The Bachelorette. She even ran her own campaign to win an Emmy for the stunt. Internet outlet Jash took note. This year, they helped her pull-off a hysterical prank. Take a look:

Jash was the perfect partner to help pull off this gender-bending prank. We really hope this isn’t a one-off (just like we hope Bachelorette’s color-blind casting season is not a one and done).

We need more Blake in our lives immediately and we hope Jash and Rachel agree. More virgin Blake in our eye holes, especially if this season gets mad boring. We give Blake 10 out of 10 likes. He’s also pretty dreamy- especially for a virgin!


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