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It’s Official: The Ball Family Is Taking Over Social Media

All hail the Ball family…we know they’ll be asking us to anyway.

LaVar Ball hasn’t forgotten how special he and his family are, which is why they’re now branding their entire family for all to see. It’s like if the Kardashians suddenly became basketball players (instead of dating them) and created a show. How do we know this? Well, we just so happened to stumble upon this golden nugget of an account.

That’s right. The Ball family; LaVar, Lonzo, LiAngelo (that’s right there’s a third son) LaMelo, and even LaVar’s wife Tina will be part of a new Facebook show entitled, you guessed it, Ball In The Family. They’ve even created a new Instagram account so that they can remind you daily. We can only assume what the show will revolve around. Our safe guess is gonna be that LaVar will basically document the fabulous life his family lives, accompanied by the everyday struggle of trying to raise a family and turn his sons into NBA royalty.

You know, that’s just a guess.

One thing we can’t seem to grasp is this obsession with names retaining the first letter of a parent. First the Kardashians did it, now LaVar? When will the madness end?

There are currently seven episodes available to watch on Facebook. Go ahead, we dare you.


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