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Shay Carl Teaches Us A Valuable Lesson In Forgiveness

After having an alleged online affair with cam girl Aria Nina, and suffering from alcoholism, Shay Carl has finally forgiven himself.

Don’t believe us? Check out this sweet tweet.

Oh good, we were beginning to worry.

Nevermind the fact that he’s put his entire family through a whirlwind of fuckery that we can only hope will one day be resolved. The fact that Shay Carl has reemerged on social media to release tweets about forgiving himself makes us cringe because quite frankly, we’re pretty sure no one else has forgiven him. Even though Colette has decided to stand by him, we can’t help but think that a level of resentment has yet to creep up, and that marriage will never be the same again. And all the Shaytards? Well, we’re not sure how long his fans will stick around, but if Shay has decided to come back to social media, only time will tell which side of the popularity spectrum he lands on.

As angry as we still may be at the fact that Shay Carl cheated on his wife, and basically cheated on his life as a family man, we can’t be too upset if Colette is standing by him. Clearly, there is a family dynamic and love that is too hard to break, and at the end of the day we all wanna find peace. If Shay finds that peace, who are we to deny it?


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