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Oh Snap, Kanye Is Being Sued

It’s been a little bit since we’ve heard Kanye getting into trouble, but it looks like the Yeezy line is about to take a hit because of a lawsuit over payment issues.

In the grand scheme of things, suing Kanye for $200k is probably not going to make a difference in his life whatsoever, but the reason for the suit kinda puts a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

The owner of the Istanbul-based firm, Dde Sourcing, named Derya Gulseven is claiming that they have yet to receive payment for finding the manufacturers within the Turkish capital who ultimately helped provide textiles for the brand and collection releases.

Now, the Yeezy brand has definitely faced scrutiny before for poor conditions and mildly sketchy business decisions, but this suit is actually a little weird because apparently, Derya continued to work with Kanye and the brand despite consistent payment issues.

As for the discrepancy in this particular scenario, one of the main issues is that that the initial commission rate that was promised to her was 7%, but the check cut was only 4%, and offered no explanation.

Like we said, it’s weird that this working relationship has managed to stay afloat for so long, especially if all of this was a consistent factor in their business, versus a one time fuck up.


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