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One Of Our Fave Influencers Just Collaborated With Mr. Kate!

There’s a familiar face in Mr. Kate’s season two of their ongoing YouTube show, OMG We’re Coming Over: Digitally Famous.

The craftiest and most home renovation savvy duo took on a huge challenge this time around when they decided to redo not one, but two rooms in just a single day.

But these weren’t just any rooms, these were the rooms of none other than Liza Koshy!

We all know and love Liza, so to see her collaborate with Mr. Kate was wonderful. We’re also high-key jealous of the truly envious bedroom and office aesthetic she is now rocking.

Although considering that Liza just moved into her place…it was less so a redecorating and more so an initial attempt at putting together the rooms in the first place.

This particular episode was so long that they had to upload the video in two parts. Makes sense though, you know considering there were two rooms. We can’t wait to see who else Mr. Kate drops in on in this season of OMG We’re Coming Over.

Check out Liza Koshy’s amazing bedroom and office decor in the full episodes down below!