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We Get One Step Closer to Gaming Paradise In This YouTube Vid!

The gaming community is one of the most united communities online. Even though they may not always agree on which game is best or which console offers better video quality, step on one gamer’s toes and you step on a million others!

YouTuber Eddie Zarick created the perfect combination in a super creative video that molds the Playstation and XBOX together…like as one.

Say whaaa?

Exactly. Check out the video!

Eddie has dubbed it the “Xstation”…that’s pretty badass. There’s a lot of technology that goes into the video, and we’re not fully equipped to attempt to describe this tech prowess. The best part is this isn’t the first time this gaming DIY master has messed around with gaming mixes.

Now we know anything is possible! Now if only we could mold games together…next video soon?