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Patrick Barnes & Quincy Are The Half Man-Half Dog Comedy Duo You Need To Binge Watch

Quincy almost steals the show from his pet parent Patrick Barnes on their joint YouTube channel and Instagram account.

Patrick Barnes and his dog Quincy are a one-of-a-kind never before seen hilarious comedy duo.  The two have over 8+ million followers on Instagram and 211,000+ subscribers on YouTube.  Patrick Barnes got his start on the now-defunct streaming platform Vine before moving over to YouTube and Instagram.  Although the comedian is hilarious all by himself the magic truly starts when Quincy appears on the screen.

Not only has Quincy been trained to sing and “talk” but the adorable pup can actually complete challenges like for instance the Bird Box Challenge.  Although Netflix warned against fans from taking part in the 24-hour blindfold trend that went viral, there’s no way that they wouldn’t absolutely adore Quincy’s version.

Quincy’s not the only Barnes family member who makes an appearance.  Patrick regularly features his grandmother and it’s clear that being funny runs in the family.

Be prepared to be amazed because Quincy can sing on command and mimic humans almost as good as a parrot.  Check out our favorite skits from Patrick Barnes and Quincy below:

1. The Bird Box Challenge

2. My Dog Is So Selfish

3. My Dog Reacts To Me Having A Heart Attack

4. He’s So Sassy

5. Whenever I Eat In My House

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