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Why Did Patrick Starrr Just Have To Issue An Apology Via Twitter?

Patrick Starrr is receiving backlash for his most recent Solange Knowles inspired look at Jackie Aina’s party.

To accuse someone of cultural appropriation is one of the most hot button issues right now, and in a time where we are fighting for the rights of those who are being oppressed or violently attacked due to their differences, it is important to protect those who are being persecuted because of their culture, race, religion or sexual orientation.

This particular situation, however, has many people wondering why Starrr was forced to apologize in the first place. In fact, many are debating about whether or not what Starrr did was cultural appropriation.

Patrick Starrr made it clear that his look was inspired by Solange, which was supposed to show his love and respect for her look and was in no way intended to mock her, but many people disagreed.

Reddit users, however, agreed with Starrr’s sentiment and came to his defense by further examining the difference between what he did verses what other people do to purposefully exploit cultures in a disrespectful and stereotypical way.

Starrr himself even announced that he made sure to ask Jackie Aina if it was ok for him to wear that outfit and hair to her party, and she said yes.

What do you guys think? Should Patrick Starrr have had to apologize?