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Patrick Starrr And More Are Thrilled About This ColourPop Announcement!

CoulourPop is finally becoming available for in store at Sephora, and beauty gurus everywhere are rejoicing about the beautiful new world we are about to be living in.

The brand, which is notoriously known for their affordable pricing and Influencer collaborations, has always been an exclusively online only store. Despite this, makeup aficionados have not been deterred from taking the risk and ordering mass amounts of product from the company.

It’s not hard to argue that some of ColourPop’s popularity has to do with their pricing, which ultimately allows them to hold their own against some of the higher end brands.

The news of their Sephora arrival is spreading across Twitter like well applied wild fire, and despite the twinge of concern that their prices will now rise due to the collaboration, ColourPop customers can rest easy knowing that this is not the plan.

That’s right, we’re all getting the best of both worlds, in-store availability and the same affordable prices. Seems like a win-win to us. Check out what other Influencers are saying about the news down below!

ColourPop will be available in Sephora stores starting in November, so mark your calendars and start your countdowns!