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Is Instagram Becoming A Contender For Online Shopping?

It seems like people are turning to Instagram for a different reason now a days.


The social media platform is beginning to be more than just a look-book for outfits you wish you owned, it’s actually becoming a resource for shopping directly from the app.

More and more people seem to be turning to Instagram in their search for vintage clothing, verses looking through giant piles of clothes at second hand stores.

Here’s the thing, there is a certain joy one gets from having to dig through clothing to find that one perfect piece. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, except it’s not a needle, it’s a vintage Chanel dress.

Despite this joy, we don’t all have time to actively go out and put in the effort we want to when it comes to our vintage shopping urge.

Instagram is looking to change the game for the vintage community by making it a one stop shopping destination to transition out of just a look book ideology, but an actual platform able to be purchased from.

Vintage faded softest silk navy unisex pleated blouse best fits xs-l frames $36 + shipping SOLD

A post shared by Na Nin Vintage (@naninvintage) on

The Na Nin Vintage account is a perfect example of how people are starting to utilize Instagram to purchase directly from users. Na Nin offers the option to essentially bid on a piece by DMing them your zip code and email address. Whoever is the first to do so, wins the chance to buy the article of clothing.

Outside of just the vintage clothing style, other accounts such as Nylon and Gypsy Warrior have already been utilizing this feature by linking its followers to their respective websites where they can then buy the clothing via links in their profiles.

Cutie @kayysteeze rocking our fave Romper! ? STORE CLOSING SALE - 75% off EVERYTHING ON THE SITE!! #gypsywarrior

A post shared by Gypsy Warrior (@gypsywarrior) on

What do you guys think? Is Instagram really becoming a contender in the shopping world, or would you guys still rather go and search for your clothing in person? Let us know!


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