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PewDiePie Acknowledges His YouTube Rewind Absence

PewDiePie just uploaded a video to his channel that confirmed what many were already thinking about his lack of appearance in the YouTube Rewind video for 2017.

He wasn’t invited to be a part of it.

“It wasn’t because I said no, it’s because I wasn’t asked.”

This is kind of a big deal for him because, not only has he been in the rewind since 2013, he’s quite literally the biggest YouTuber in the world right now. Sure, there are other accounts that might have a higher subscription count, but as far as actual content creators go– PewDiePie is still on top.

Despite this, he still didn’t seem too surprised about being left out this time around, and shockingly, has no hard feelings against YouTube and their decision.

“2017 has been quite the year. It’s sad in a way that I’m not part of it, but like, I understand why. I’m not salty as YouTube for not inviting me.”

It’s always nice when someone is self aware, even if it’s about something shitty.

PewDiePie spent a portion of the year under fire for multiple instances of racist ‘jokes’ and slurs, and even though he doesn’t reference those examples specifically in this video, he does bring up the fact that he can see why people would be angry to see him in the rewind.

He was, however, just as pleased as we were to see that Philip DeFranco finally made the cut, in fact, you can see what he thought about the full video in his reaction down below.

Check out PewDiePie’s complete look back at his own YouTube Rewind appearances, as well as his opinions on The Shape Of 2017.


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