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Fans Terrified After PewDiePie Posts Alarming Tweet

PewDiePie has been on the grind in Los Angeles, uploading daily vlogs called “Birdabo” to his channel while filming Scare PewDiePie 2. All seemed to be going well until PewDiePie announced he would not be uploading a new vlog after receiving some “not good news.”

And, well, since that was all he said in the alarming tweet, fans have been jumping to conclusions, concerned that something terrible may have happened.


Neither Felix nor anyone else on his team has posted anything since, and thus, fans have no idea what to think. While supportive, fans have been left in the dark and are understandably concerned.

Fans have been speculating on Twitter that this could be related to fans leaking his new address, which is terrifying for any public figure. It’s possible that his safe space in America has been compromised, which we certainly hope was not the case.

So, of course, we are all hoping for the best (although, knowing Felix, this could be click bait which wouldn’t be particularly shocking). We will update this story once we know more information on the matter.

If you possibly know more on what may have happened, drop a comment below and share with us.




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