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PewDiePie Can’t Stop Setting Records!

He’s known for having the most subscribed YouTube channel, and now PewDiePie has set the bar even higher.

This weekend, the YouTube gamer hit 60 million subscribers on his channel. He’s held the honor of most subscribed YouTube channel since 2013, and it’s looking like he has no plans to slow down. For comparison, the second most subscribed channel is in the 30 millions. Sure, a staggering number, but barely half of what PewDiePie has achieved.

Fellow influencers, gamers, and fans alike have flooded his feed with congrats on this amazing accomplishment.

And because you don’t sit when you get to such impressive stats, PewDiePie has made it clear he’s already focusing on the next milestone.

Huge congrats to PewDiePie on such an incredible accomplishment!



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