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PewDiePie Isn’t Winning Any Fashion Awards

PewDiePie might be the biggest YouTuber in the world, but apparently he’s also one of the worst dressed as well.

Hey, you win some, you lose some, and in the grand scheme of things, he could be on a worse list than GQ’s best and worst dressed.

Despite PewDiePie’s fashion sense definitely not making the highlight reel of our own favorite fashionistas, we definitely don’t think that he’s that bad. Really if we took a few extra minutes in our day to think about it, we could probably find someone worst dressed than him.

There is kind of a silver lining for him as far as his placement goes, because at least he’s amongst some pretty solid company, you know, like Jon Snow himself.

Shmee150 also made the worst dressed list this year, so at least we’re seeing Influencers truly being treated like other celebrities now, down to being criticized for what they wear and everything.

It’s almost like a badge of honor? No? Yea, we didn’t really think so either.


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