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PewDiePie Repays His Debt To Logan Paul By Wearing Maverick Merch

PewDiePie shows his gratitude as many notable YouTuber’s fight to keep him the most subscribed to channel on the platform.

PewDiePie is proving that much like a Lannister, a YouTuber always pays his debts.  On December 6th, Logan Paul called upon his loyal followers who he calls the LoGang to support PewDiePie in a vlog titled “Hello PewDiePie… The Logang is here.”  Although it was a nice gesture, Logan obviously had some demands in return.  He required the Swedish YouTuber wear a piece of his merch for the help.

Well, it appears PewDiePie has got no shame because he’s on cam rocking the official LoGang gear.

“I’m a Maverick now,” PewDiePie said while rocking Logan’s “Favorite Hoodie.  “That’s right. And I’m not afraid to say it anymore.”

PewDiePie also goes on to acknowledge that in the past he has been one of Logan’s harshest critics but now believes that he deserves a second chance.

“I think it’s safe to say that I didn’t like Logan Paul before it was cool, but I think it [reaches] a point where it becomes a dead meme and I was starting to feel bad for him,” PewDiePie said. “From someone who has personally made a lot of mistakes that will definitely haunt me for the rest of my life, I think the kid deserves a break.”


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