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PewDiePie Is Selling Some Dope Ass Merch & Here’s Why It’s Important

The King of YouTube (that’s right he pretty much is) tweeted out that he’s releasing some new merch which will only be available for the next 5 days. So if you’re not getting paid anytime soon we highly suggest you pay mom and dad a visit!

Now if you’re from the West Coast or anywhere that is full of sunshine, a sweater may not be the best option. But that’s okay, PewDiePie also has the same design on T-shirts! It’s time to rep the 50+ Million Club. Most importantly, most of the proceeds will be going to charity, specifically to Save The Children. It’s cool looking merch for a good cause.

But here’s why it’s important for PewDiePie.

After all of the controversy that has surrounded PewDiePie, he is still the most powerful YouTuber, ranking in 57 million subscribers. He is by far the most successful talent on the streaming platform, and while he may have found himself in recent trouble with ill-advised language, many fans, friends, and observers have a hard time truly believing Felix is a bad person. Many of his friends, including H3H3’s Ethan Klein, Markiplier and Philip DeFranco have stood behind him in the news coverage that has seemingly forgotten about context.

PewDiePie’s channel has been successfully operating for SEVEN years, and has amassed 16+ billion views. It’s going to take something truly drastic, some type of complete 180 from who he is to dethrone the King of YouTube. We can be sour and speculate that this is some sort of PR move, but we’re gonna give him the benefit of the doubt.


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