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PewDiePie Slams Influencers For Announcing Their ‘Break’ From YouTube On Camera

Popular YouTuber PewDiePie spoke ill of Lilly Singh’s decision to announce her hiatus from YouTube in a vlog posted to her channel despite his wife, Marzia Bisognin, doing the same.

While YouTube is encouraging content creators to step away from the camera to care for their mental health, PewDiePie has some complaints.

“Just take a break.  Stop trying to monetize everything.  That’s the problem.  Not every decision made needs to be for your YouTube channel.”

He goes on to share that while he understands where these YouTuber’s are coming from, it’s annoying to him because he believes it will start a new trend.  Other creators will attempt to gain views by pretending they are departing from the streaming platform as a way to earn more money.

“That’s the mentality of YouTubers. That’s how we live our lives so I understand it’s hard to let go of that but it’s annoying seeing these kinds of praise for making this statement about taking a break because it’s going to [become] a trend I think.”

PewDiePie implies the decline of their mental health is directly related to their dwindling stats especially when it comes to Lilly Singh.  She lists that she was unhappy with the quality of her content as a reason for her departure.

“That’s the reason why she wanted to take a break, to begin with.  Probably, her channel isn’t doing as well, and probably she isn’t happy with what she’s making.”

The criticism seems a bit hypocritical since PewDiePie praised his wife, Marzia Bisognin, for her YouTube vlog where she announced she’d be stepping away as well.  Hit us up on @trendallday to let us know your thoughts-does PewDiePie have a point?!


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