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PewDiePie’s “Try Not To” Challenges Are The Champions Of Immediate Laughter

Not that PewDiePie needs anyone’s approval, but we’ve gotta say these videos have us cracking up.

Part of it is the actual video of course, but PewDiePie’s commentary is ultimately what sets these Try Not To challenges off. He’s even spun off with “You Laugh, You Lose.” With the help of the PewDieGang, fans submit their favorite videos that they feel will either scare, weird out, or just make Felix laugh uncontrollably. It’s a great way to keep things interactive between himself and his viewers…he does have 57 million of them. So in celebration of the fact that Felix has admitted he’s run out of ideas, let’s honor the biggest YouTuber ever as he tries soooooo hard NOT TO LAUGH.

Obviously, there is much laughter.

1. Don’t brag about your taco.

2. Maybe you shouldn’t be living HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEREEEE!! (you’ll get it)

3. Don’t hurt the baby

4. That poor moustache!

We can’t wait to see what random ass challenge PewDiePie comes up with next!


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