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Philip DeFranco Drags Joey Salads On Twitter

We love nothing more than a good Twitter battle, especially when Philip DeFranco gets involved and starts dropping some serious knowledge.

Currently, Joey Salads has come out of the woodwork to make a tasteless (much like his racist pranks) comment in response to one of Phil’s tweets.

What started off as a pretty relatable and innocuous tweet from the YouTuber quickly turned into something WAY more serious because of Joey’s response.

We don’t know what Joey was expecting, but Phil’s response is one that we’re finding ourselves nodding along to and saying yep. Joey’s YouTube channel is dedicated to his ‘pranks’ which are often racist, misogynistic and ill-humored, so really, we can see why Phil has no desire to let him off the hook.

After his final clap back, Phil goes quiet, likely because he’s said all he needs to and has no time for people like Joey. Still, his antagonizer goes on and on proving his inability to shut up, which causes him to wind up in a one-sided twitter tirade.

We are finding it very difficult to understand why Joey would tweet out his original snarky remark of “what if I’m checking the stats on my old fake racist pranks” in the first place if he actually had changed like he is so desperately claiming to have.

So, If we’re picking sides in this fight, we are definitely picking Phil.

Looking at the facts, it seems pretty clear to us that Joey is wildly overcompensating for something in his attempts at proving that he’s changed, especially because he’s doing so in a way to villainize Philip DeFranco in the process.

Counter-productive? We think so.

Maybe you should stop trying to pick fights with other users due to their own dislike for you and start focusing on why so many people are offended by your work.

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