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‘Play by Play’ Is Coming of Age Comedy For Sports Lovers

‘Play by Play’ is a wonderful coming of age story that’s got a boner for the 1990s and for sports, and we love it. Hickey Dicklick aka Pete Hickey is a freshman who is terrible at football, but finds his voice later in life as a successful sports announcer. In a nod to The Wonder Years Hickey narrates his childhood life in his grown-up announcer voice and the result is both touching and hysterical.

Pete Hickey’s freshman goals are simple– to survive, get good at football, and to make Alex Campbell fall in love with him. Note: these goals are not easy. Luckily for us, trying to achieve these goals is pretty hysterical.

Hickey catches a lucky break when the varsity coach brings him on to play kicker on the football team. Hickey’s life starts to change as the in-crowd begins to notice him, and hey, maybe he has a chance with Alex Campbell after all.

‘Play by Play’ is a sweet, nostalgic throw-back that will please sports fans and anyone struggling with surviving high school. We give it nine likes out of ten. The series has launched on Go90 and the first few episodes are available for free online.