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Playlist Live Interviews Pt.1 (Brandon Rogers, CamDogFX, Kenzie Nimmo & More)

Last month we had the chance to hit the road and head to Orlando Florida for Playlist Live 2018!

Playlist Live is a three-day event where online creators and their biggest supporters come together in one place for an unforgettable experience. Our very own Hayley Delaine was able to interview some of your favorite creators while at Playlist Live.

Check out the first part of our Day 1 interviews from Playlist Live 2018! 

We got to chat with the hilarious Brandon Rogers and find out how he comes up with his crazy video ideas!

Cameron Mcleod also known as CamDogFX talked to us about having his own radio show on Radio Disney and some potential new music in the works.

The very talented Kenzie Nimmo gave us the lowdown on how she maintains such a public relationship with her husband and hints to an upcoming tour.

Emzotic shared her most memorable fan experience from Playlist as well as finally broke down and told us her favorite exotic animal!


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