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Poppy Fans Rejoice: A Debut Release And First-Ever Tour Is Happening!

It’s officially happening: Poppy is leaving the YouTube screen for her first ever tour and we’re appropriately losing our minds over the news! The sixteen-year-old is quickly becoming the Queen of Social Media satire, conspicuously creating videos with the aid of Titanic Sinclair in an effort to kindly but weirdly showcase how obsessed we are with the internet culture.

Poppy released her debut album today entitled Poppy.Computer (which we’re assuming is in reference to the IRL game Computer Boy). There is a huge Poppy rabbit hole you’d have to explore to really know Poppy, and luckily for you we’ve got that content too! Poppy’s first ever tour starts it’s journey down the yellow brick road on October 19 in Vancouver.

Poppy was named Breakthrough Artist at the 2017 Streamy Awards; an event in which she pulled up in a glass box, pulled around by her manager/collab partner Titanic Sinclair. It was epic.

The internet queen is known for her eerie videos which make viewers feel like they’ve just entered the Twilight Zone. Her subscriber count is private, but we know everyone is watching.

Here are two songs we’re pretty sure will be featured on Poppy’s setlist:

So who’s getting tickets? We know we’re gettin on that ASAP.



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