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Which Popular YouTubers Awkwardly Crashed A Memorial In London?

Have you ever had second hand embarrassment so much so, that it almost felt like you were the one experiencing the whole mishap yourself?

‘Cause that’s exactly how we feel about the shit show that ended up being the Dolan twins meet up.

On November 11th, Ethan and Grayson, who were in London for the MTV EMA’s, decided to have a spur of the moment fan meet up in Hyde Park. While this seemed like a risky idea already, you know, considering how well random fan meet ups usually go, it ended up being so much worse than just a stampede of screaming fangirls.


Apparently the twins did not realize that it was Remembrance Day, which is a day where soldiers who have died in battle are remembered, and it got awkward real fast when their meet up location was ‘scheduled’ for the exact same park where a memorial was currently underway.

We truly believe this whole thing was an honest mistake, but also that it probably coulda been avoided with just a little bit more planning.

Despite the apparent chaos that ensued, including police being called to Hyde Park, as well as Ethan and Grayson not even showing up (honestly we wouldn’t either at that point), it looks like no one was seriously injured, which is good.

Hey, at least we know they’ll never make that mistake again, right?


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