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Prepare For Double The Trouble With These Top Twin-fluencers

If you’re trying to launch your digital media career — two heads are always better than one, and if that other head happens to be your twin sibling than you’ve just won the jackpot.

These rising Twinfluencers were literally born to be co-stars.  Their amazing chemistry delights viewers as they watch their every move on-screen.  Our list of top Twin-fluencers is definitely proof that two is always better than one!

1. Urban Bush Babes – Takenya and Cipriana Quann are curly haired naturalistas who are making more than waves in the beauty and fashion industry.

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We (@ciprianaquann @tk_wonder) have always felt fortunate to be twins and just not twins but identical twins. There is a very special bond we share, so special it is sometimes difficult to elucidate with words. As close as our bond is with each other, the road to our ancestral roots/family history is still new territory and something we wanted to further explore. Which is why we teamed up with @23andMe. ••• Unlike other DNA services that offer only ancestral findings 23andMe not only offers Ancestry Service, but their Health + Ancestry Service examines your genes to tell you about your ancestry, health, and traits. A “Personal Genetic Service​®”​ , created to help people understand their DNA. You'll be able to see which regions around the world your ancestors come from and learn how your DNA can influence your facial features, hair, taste preferences, sleep quality and much more. Visit ​UrbanBushBabes.com​ to learn more about our experience and how easy it is to discover 23andMe for yourself. Photographer: @terrygates ••• #23andMe #dna #genetics #ancestry #explore #discover #family #newyearnewyou #dnatest #mydnastory #dnastory #QuannSisters #sponsored

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2. Brooklyn and Bailey – are two Lifestyle vlogging Influencers with a proven track record of success with makeup and merch.  Check out their official YouTube channel.

3. The Hess TwinsAshley and Kat are fashion-forward style creatives and one of the hottest DJ duos in Los Angeles.

4. biaebrancaferes – Bia and Branca Feres double as Olympic athletes and Television hosts.

5. yourfavoritetwins – Nicole and Natalie of Nina Sky are most known for their chart-topping single “I’ll Never Leave You” but the two decided that they’d rather be behind the camera than in front of it.  They stay close to their roots as celebrity DJ’s.

6. The Alberti Twins – Two genetically gifted men who can cook every delicious meal you could ever crave.  Need I say more?

7. clermonttwins – Shannon and Shannade Clermont are the two bad girls who won the hearts of millions.  The duo has scored countless high-end modeling gigs and campaigns including Kanye West’s “Yeezy” brand but they still can’t keep themselves out of trouble.  Whether you love them or just love to hate them, they’ve definitely got the ‘It’ factor.

8. The Kaplan Twins – The Influencer artists are undeniably talented and their work speaks for itself.

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