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Project Van Life Is Our New Travel Inspiration Account

At least once a day, everyday, we think to ourselves– what if we just got in a van and drove away to start a new life full of travel?

Everyone feels that way, right? It would be so much simpler and we could just ignore all responsibilities while visiting beautiful places and, ideally, taking gorgeous pictures along the way. Turns out the Instagram account @project.vanlife is already living this dream life, and we’re now living vicariously through it.

The account is a combination or curated photos from different people who are traveling in vans and living their best lives out on the open road. Van life is apparently a whole thing on Instagram full of lots of people who are using the hashtag #ProjectVanLife to get their pictures seen.

Look at how cute and comfy that van looks!! Yes, good choices all around. It’s more welcoming than what most of our actual apartments look like.

Get more rustic and aesthetically pleasing, we dare you.

Check out Project Van Life to get inspiration for your next adventure, and please, take us with you.


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