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Queen Naija Responds to Chris Sails Calling Her A Cheater

Queen Naija heads to YouTube to address the cheating accusations her ex-husband Chris Sails made on Instagram.

Although Queen Naija has addressed cheating rumors from her previous marriage before she had to set the record straight once again.  Chris Sails and Queen Naija have been divorced for a while and seemed to have moved on–or so we thought.  It all started when an Instagram user posted a clip of Queen Naija allegedly referring to Chris as Clarence before correcting herself.

Well, Chris had time today because he left a comment under the post saying ‘I knew she was cheating’ knowing the blogs would have a field day with it.  Immediately after hearing the news Queen Naija hopped on Twitter to clear her name.

When Chris got word of Naija’s Twitter rant he posted his rebuttal on Instagram.  He implied he had a lot more tea to spill about Queen Naija but only dropped info on cheating accusations.  He also had some advice to current and aspiring social media couples.

“All these YouTube couples, never be with nobody because of social media, never be with nobody because you just getting paid,” Chris warns in the video.

Queen Naija voiced her frustrations on Twitter before ultimately recording and uploading a video to her channel addressing the rumors from her ex-husband.  She explains that the incident Chris is speaking of was during a time when she was on the verge of divorcing him because of his cheating scandals.  She says she caught him bashing her to the girls he was cheating on her with and after begging him to change she became fed up.

Check out Queen Naija’s full response video below and let us know what you think on social media with our hashtag #TrendingAllDay!





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