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Real Or Fake: The Headlines Challenge

It feels especially challenging trying to decipher between real and fake headlines now-a-days, so we’ve decided to make you feel just slightly better about yourself by highlighting the freakish similarities between the two.


Introducing our first ever official Real of Fake Headlines Challenge!

The following headlines will be a combination of The Onion article headlines, and actual news headlines, ranging from The Huffington Post to LA Times, and everything in between.

While compiling our list, even we had a difficult time remembering which ones were fake, and we picked them.

So good luck! We’ve put the correct answers at the bottom of this article, just like those old school J-14 quizzes, except we won’t make you flip the page upside down to decipher it.

 1. Etiquette Experts Weigh In On Trump’s Awkward Walking Distance From Melania

2. Sean Spicer Given Own Press Secretary To Answer Media’s Questions About His Controversial Statements

3. ‘Planet Earth II’ Finale Finally Resolves Will-They/Won’t-They Storyline Between Snow Leopard, Golden Eagle

4. Can a judge be impartial and an activist? Arkansas judge who halted executions pushes boundaries

5. Snake With Serious Case Of Road Rage Tries To Attack Motorcyclist

6. Trump Administration Refusing To Disclose Names Of White House Diamond Elite Members

7. Donald Trump Jr. Takes Son On Hunting Trip In National Zoo

8. A newscaster with a mixed-raced family comes to terms with his own racial bias.

9. NASA Launches First Cordless Satellite

10. This couple is very much in love. That’s why they sleep separately.


Answer Key:

1. true

2. false

3. false

4. true

5. true

6. false

7. false

8. true

9. false

10. true


So how’d you guys do? Let us know!


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