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Rhett & Link Are Releasing Their First Book And We’re Dying To Have It!

We’ve never wanted to read more than now.

The iconic YouTube comedy duo known as Rhett & Link have officially entered the publishing world with the release of their first book: Rhett & Link’s Book of Mythicality: A Field Guide to Curiosity, Creativity, and Tomfoolery. Yes, that’s the title, the whole chunk.

The announcement was made in February, and displays the creator’s philosophy on “laughing more, learning more, and never taking yourself too seriously.” We totally agree. Also, the book is basically a pop-up novel for adults. Charts, photos, and even activities are included.

Let the shenanigans commence.

If you’re one of the 12.7 million subscribers who regularly watch Rhett & Link, this piece of work will not disappoint. It’s already a top hit on Amazon, and in good company alongside Kevin Hart and Trevor Noah. Imagine the mischief that will ensue when regular joes get their hands on a literary piece of comedy.

We’re excited to buy the book ourselves! Congrats guys!


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