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RiceGum Fires Back At H3H3’s Ethan Klein For Calling Out His Involvement In Alleged Gambling Scam

Rapper and YouTuber RiceGum points out the hypocrisy of H3H3’s Ethan Klein slamming him for promoting scam gambling site MysteryBrand.net.

Many YouTuber’s have been criticized for partnering with a gambling website called MysteryBrand.net that’s allegedly a scam but some aren’t feeling the heat as much as others.  H3H3 Productions felt that RiceGum wasn’t getting enough criticism which prompted them to upload a call out vlog aimed at the rapper.  They noted how RiceGum was quick to call out other YouTuber’s who were associated with the site after he got criticized.

Now, RiceGum is responding to the allegations.  He shared that it was never his intention to throw anyone under the bus and he brought up Ethan’s involvement with online therapy service BetterHelp.  BetterHelp made headlines after going through a similar scandal.  Many YouTuber’s who were paid to promote it was slammed by fellow vloggers like PewDiePie.  During the backlash, much like RiceGum, Ethan shared the names of other YouTuber’s who had also promoted the shady mental health website.

“He thinks people are too quick to hop on things when it’s about him, but when it’s about me, he be the first one there!” RiceGum said.

Ethan has yet to respond to RiceGum but he’s definitely got some explaining to do.  Hit us up on social media @trendallday to let us know your thoughts!


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