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RiceGum’s Subscriber Count Is Falling Dramatically And Here’s Why

YouTuber iDubbbz just threw us all off with a Content Cop episode on RiceGum. Titled as Content Cop – Jake Paul, iDubbbz truly takes the internet world on a serious lesson about who we consider “cool” YouTubers. It’s pretty easy for us to point out the obvious YouTubers that are easy to dislike or disagree with for that matter, (i.e. Jake Paul).

Jake is an easy target nowadays. We can all agree that the kid has had his fair share of negative publicity and he’s done some unforgivable things.

But this isn’t news anymore. And Jake Paul isn’t the ONLY YouTuber out there suffering from internet fame.

The world doesn’t owe you shit no matter how fucking large your sub-count is.”

In a truly dissected video that lasts 30 minutes, iDubbbz takes viewers on an enlightening ride through all seven deadly sins to explain why RiceGum is honestly no better than Jake Paul. We’ll be honest 30 minutes sounds like a lot and we weren’t sure just how much we were willing to watch. But before we knew it, it was halfway in and still thoroughly entertaining and truthful.

You can also expect appearances by Ethan Klein of H3H3 and none other than the biggest YouTuber in history, PewDiePie himself. We know what company RiceGum keeps, and now we know what company iDubbbz is rolling with. Honestly, we choose the latter. As of now, we’ve noticed that RiceGum’s subscriber count is steadily losing fans while iDubbbz is probably gaining them. Coincidence? We’re gonna go with just better taste.

By the time you read this story, RiceGum’s subscriber count will probably be far below.