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Rickey Thompson And Denzel Dion Are Begging Influencers To Leave These Trends In 2018

New Year, New Rules: Rickey Thompson And Denzel Dion want you to ditch these tacky trends in 2019.

Ricky’s Rules

“When I think about this year —  In the beginning, she was a nasty, dirty, stinky year.  2018 had me so depressed but you know what, towards the end, 2018 became such a poppin’ year for me…So I’m feeling real good about going into 2019.  If I’m talking about a new year, new me, you know what this video is about,” Ricky shares before ripping into the top Influencer trends of 2018 that need to be laid to rest.

Leave It In 2018:

1. Gucci Slippers

2. Colored Camo Pants

3. Posing With Cigarettes

4. Catching Feelings

5. Donald Trump

6. Stiletto/Squiggly Shaped Eyebrows

7. People Busting Out Fortnite Dances In Public

8. Snobby Instagram “Models”

9. Rocking Too Much Gucci At Once

10. TikTok

11. See-Through Plastic Shoes

12. Teddy Bear Jackets

Denzel’s Rules

“2018 was a cute year but there were a lot of things that were just…Why, b—h, why?!”

Leave It In 2018:

1. Recycled Instagram Skits/Comedy

2. The Word “Clout”

3. Rappers With “Lil” In Their Names

4. Rappers Who Promote The Use Of Drugs

5. Biker Shorts

6. Fila Destructor Sneakers

7. Huge Logos/Monograms

8. Fortnite

9. Juuls/Vaping

10. Off-White/”Caution” Belts

11. Fuzzy/Sherpa/Teddy Bear Jackets

12. Balenciaga Sock Sneakers

13. Digging Up Someone’s Old Tweets

14. TikTok

15. Blackfishing

16. FaceTune

17. Using Mental Illness As An Aesthetic

18. Bandwagon Haters

19. YouTuber’s Making Music

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